Ali Reza Fayazi

Other Projects

Motor Drives and Control

Embedded Application Development

  1. TMS320C25 Low Level Programming & Simulation
  2. Fall 2006
    DSP Course

    Conducted assembly programming and simulation of TMS320C25. Implemented Software UART, Floating point arithmetic, FIR/IIR filtering, and Matrix Multiplication.

  3. Floating Point Arithmetic by Fixed Point DSP (TMS320C54x)
  4. Fall 2006
    DSP Course

    Developed algorithms for floating point arithmetic (Add, Subtract, Divide, Multiply, and Square Root) using a fixed point DSP (TMS320C549).

  5. Programming 80C196 for Chronometer Application
  6. May 2004
    Microprocessor Lab.

    Programmed 80C196 microcontroller in assembly language for keyboard scanning, computing the time, and displaying on 7 segments.

  7. VHDL Code of a Low Power Multiplier
  8. Summer 2006
    Low Power Digital Design Course

    Proposed a new low power multiplier unit. Developed a VHDL model. Synthesis using Leonardo. PreSynthesis and PostSynthesis simulations using ModelSim.